This I Believe

Ashley - overland park, Kansas
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, setbacks

Everything Happens for a Reason

April 9 2007•It is not known what life has in store no matter how young or old a person might be. Last year I had a rocky time, but I believe that everything happens for a reason no matter how good or bad the situation might be. I believe that these incidents happen to prepare me for an even greater dilemma later.

Three years ago my father cheated on my mom with his ex girlfriend from a long time ago. When this news hit me, I felt a rip in my heart. How could my father be so cruel to the woman and children he was supposed to protect and love? Wasn’t the family he had good enough for him or did he need another? Well, I guess being without his family was what he wanted because he packed up his possessions in front of me and left to live with his girlfriend.

Everyone I knew kept telling me that leaving was his loss, but as the oldest of three, I felt differently. In the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t help thinking that if it were really his loss then why did he look at me with vacant eyes, making me feel as though I wasn’t even his daughter? It seemed that he didn’t even care how badly his desertion was hurting me and my family. Maybe he’s glad that he doesn’t have to watch over my sibling and me. Now he can be a free man to do what he wants, when he wants, but then, maybe if I had been a better daughter, he never would have gone.

However, I now know that this isn’t true because ever since he left, I have learned to take care of my family and to be the best person I can, even if my dad won’t be there to see me change. I realized this just last month when my mom said, “It’s like your father never left because you are like him in so many ways.” At first I was really mad at myself for having his looks and mannerisms. I didn’t want to be his mirror image. However, then I thought, “I won’t ever hurt the ones I love and care for.” I will be like him in looks only.

My dad’s leaving may have hurt me, but now I am here to help with homework and play outside with my siblings. I am here to see my siblings grow and to be a positive role model for them. I am now a stronger person. I hope that I never have to go through anything this painful again, but if I do, I know that God is getting me ready for an even greater challenge.