This I Believe

Joshua - Corning, California
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love, setbacks

Good Things Can Be Bad

I believe all or most problems in the world are caused by love. Love is the greatest gift of life, but also the most hurtful of all things. The average person who’s has a case of depression will tell you they are having problems in their love life. Love is the number one goal-crusher. Most people give up their goals for love, and most of the time their love is lost. By this time, it is too late to pursue their dreams so they are lost.

How can it be that the one thing that brings all things together is the number one problem? Love is the only problem I have in my life. There has never really been any love in my life. I am sure my parents loved me at some time, but drugs and alcohol got in the way, I was sent to live with foster parents and I moved around a lot until I ended up with the couple I thought loved me. That is where I lived until I was 18. The mother really did love me and my life was perfect. Then it happened; we found out she had cancer. A month later, she passed away. I was left to stay with her husband, who had no love for me at all. This is when my life started to go down the drain. I was simply kept around for the monthly check. When the checks stopped coming, I was forced to leave, and to this day, we have not spoken.

With the lack of parental love, I have resorted to love through relationships. Each time I find someone I like, I have a problem of giving them my heart, because they are all I have to give it too. Each one of them does the same. They always wait until I am really attached and they leave me for some other guy. I do not know what it is about me, I give them the whole world plus the moon and they rather leave me for some jerk. I guess I just can not be loved.

This love issue is the only thing that brings me down. I do not even show that I have a problem with it. It is the only thing that interferes with my life. Each time I am misled in thinking a girl really likes me, my life seems to be perfect, but once the truth is shown, then things come to a halt, and my life has no meaning; so why move forward? But, life must go on so I take it one step at a time.

Love is just underestimated. It has caused more deaths in the world then anything and it will keep on causing more. Love is something in the world you just can’t get rid of. It will keep on causing many of the future problems, but with every problem there is a solution. Even though love causes all of those problems, it is the greatest gift ever, so I keep on pursuing it.