This I Believe

Jonathan - Johnson City, Tennessee
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

In our haste to make life simple, we have lost ourselves in the complex. This I believe that the industrial wave we ride will wash us away. May be we wish only for a distraction from the persistent beating of a heart longing for purpose, longing to be counted as significant, to follow the paths of paupers and kings receiving mutual respect from both. This I believe because everyday I am a witness to the trivial pursuits of man, of which I am most inextricably a part. We the people, a disposable herd of men marching marinated in capitalistic concern for flavors of the week. I must Express myself or fall into the GAP, only to surface on the wings of an American Eagle. We are profitable counter-culture consumers listening to Spencer’s dark humor, current on the latest Hot Topic.

We’re rolling back prices everyday

A whistling smiley face hoping to convey

Illusions of grandeur, marvelous things

Morally subjective capitalist kings.

This I believe that society must be lost if its purpose is juxtaposed between which model chrome rim to put on the latest escalade and microwavable sausage on a stick wrapped so sweetly in a chocolate chip pancake delicately injected with maple syrup. We determine the value of our integrity, and we can also negate that value. But even in the deepest depths of introspective despair an intrinsic hope retains itself in my character: freedom. Sure, biological, psychological, metaphysical circular circuses of reason regulate my inner and outer daily life, but when I choose to act it is the I that acted, even if the I can be reduced to a myriad of individual universal processes. Sometimes I choose right, sometimes wrong, but either way I made the choice and the consequence is my responsibility. I hope because even if I made the wrong choice yesterday, and claiming responsibility was difficult, I now have that experience to base tomorrow’s decision upon. Vaguely I hope that my mistakes might deter others from the wrong path and whatever I can do to guide appropriately I will do, but people remain simply people and what was right for our fathers may not be right for their sons. Freedom is the choice to change. This I believe that I choose to improve. Daily I express myself through my freedoms, and when the reflection of my expression is smiles and laughter, taking responsibility becomes a very simple task.