This I Believe

Nathaniel - Richmond, Kentucky
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: war

This I Believe……

I honestly believe that there will never be peace on earth. Even though I’m not a history major and I have only been living for 19 years, I can never recall a time where there has been peace on earth. I have approached my parents and they have said as long as they have been living, whether it’s the United States, Germany, or the Soviet Union, two countries have always been at war.

When I say peace on earth, I’m not talking about your everyday arguments with your peers. That is something that we can not control. There will always be arguments between two people. I’m talking about war. When you look in the dictionary, you will find the definition of war to be “open armed conflict as between nations,” and that is exactly what has been going on since the dawn of time and is still going on today. Watching the news, you see that countries are always at war with each other. It might not be the United States, even though most of the time it is; but you always see countries down each other’s throat for some ridiculous reason. One big reason today is gas, it seems like every country is fighting for the gain of gas.

I do believe in going to war for a good, well thought out reason. When the U.S. fought back for what had been done to them on 911 that was a good reason, it just may have gotten out of hand. What I don’t believe is fighting for reasons such as land, wealth, oil (gas), etc…

Today, the government gives all this money, I’m talking millions of dollars to these peace groups, and I feel that this is insignificant move. With all that money, the government could use it to be put to better profit our education system. You see these so called “peace groups” on the news, waving their little picket signs saying, “Stop War” or “Show Love.” Unfortunately for them I don’t feel this is going to happen anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I support these groups. I would like to see the end of war too, but I realize that this is not going to happen. There is this group called United for Peace that goes around the world trying to collect members that believe they can stop the war in the Middle East. I agree with there good actions, except for the fact that they are having no affect on the war. This War in Iraq has been going on since Bush Sr. was president. All his son is trying to do is finish the war that his father started. George Bush is taking up where his dad left off.

Despite the issues that I have stated above, I know that I am not alone in believing that there will always be war. God states in the bible that there will always be conflict between men. This means that war will never stop! This also means that if you believe that there will be an end to war, you are defying God. Since God is all knowing, this means he knows what is going to happen in the future. If you defy God in his eyes you are committing a sin, so that is why I believe there will never be an end to wa