This I Believe

Brandi - Niles, Ohio
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Always With A Smile”

My one belief in life is to enjoy life as much as I possibly can and to not let the tough moments in life bring me down.

I had a best friend that transformed my belief on life. I met him because he pretty much stalked me freshmen year of high school. By the time senior year rolled around, we were good friends. He always made me laugh, and we flirted to the point the school thought we were a couple. He always got me to laugh, even when I was going through a tough time at home. Toward the end of our senior year he moved out of his house and was going to be going to move a few states away with his mother. But before he did he had to come over and admit his crush on me. I’ve know for years about it. And it was so cute how he acted while saying it then ducking as if I was going to hit him for it. He came back after a week. And graduated with us and summer started to roll by, I invited him and his family to my graduation party. He got me some great gifts and for his gift I went on a date with him. I had a great time on our date.

When summer ended I left to Cleveland to attend school. While I was attending school there, I started to get a terrible feeling about my friend. So, I tried to contact him for over a month with no luck. Then early November I got a call in my dorm from my mother that my best friend and love had died suddenly the night before from heart failure. Of course I was devastated, I cried for over a week. I left art school in Cleveland to attend a state college closer to home. Then, I left and worked at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida for a semester. Down there I worked in retail, I sold clothing, toys, and candy to guests there. I had a great time working; but I still missed my friend. I knew he didn’t want me to depressed over his lose. He may have been here a short time, but he enjoyed the time he had. That’s when I took hold of his belief to cherish my life, because I want to enjoy my life. My friend taught me that life is too short to ‘cry over spilt milk’. I should be enjoying the little time that I got to live. Live to love and love to live. And make the best of all times, great and worst. Smile and love life as it is. And that’s the only way for me to get through a rainy day. And to life I would say with a grin, “Bring it on.”