This I Believe

Scott - Lowellville, Ohio
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Starting Fresh

I believe in reinvention and fresh starts because they have both been a central part of my life from the age of 18. It was at this time that I joined the Air Force. I left a small town of 3000 people and was catapulted into the wide world. It was a fresh start, something totally new to me. Nobody knew me when I arrived at Basic Training and it was the same situation when I began Technical School in Mississippi. In fact everywhere I went nobody knew me.

After high school, I decided to leave the area that I grew up in because it seemed, at least to me, like a dead end. I felt like I had no future and that I would always be trapped in that small town. Truth be told, I joined the Air Force for no particular reason at all. I had no predetermination that I would graduate and join the military. Nor did I have any ambition to go to college. That was my problem; I was in a rut and felt like I was hopelessly trapped.

I arrived in Texas for Basic Training and that was when I realized what I was, a nobody, but to me being a nobody is not a negative thing. Some of the greatest people this world has ever produced came from nothing. When I started my training, I began to understand that coming from nothing freed me to become something.

After Basic Training and Technical School I received an assignment to Edwards Air Force Base in California. To me, it was yet another chance to start over. Even though I was not sure if I would like California, my time there ended up giving me direction and helped me understand what I wanted for my future. I took a lot of hard work, but I was able to be promoted from Airman Basic to Staff Sergeant in just four years out of a six year enlistment. During those six years I worked with, and was exposed to, a multitude of people and their careers. That exposure led me to the point in my life that I am at now.

Now that I look back on it, that first step I took to start fresh was hard but ultimately brought me to the point where I am now. I am a full time electrical engineering student eager to finish my degree and once again start fresh.