This I Believe

Matt - Poland, Ohio
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe in not being like your idol but becoming one. To be yourself is a great thing, and the only person who knows. Is you. When you are truly yourself you can create an idol that is strange, odd, unusual, unexpected, astonishing , surprising, amazing, and most important you. Your own special entity, that when people ask you who your favorite rock star is, you’ll just say yourself.

Growing up, we all experience different things in our life, things that make us unique and special. One of these unique phenomenons is who we look up to. Like the two important people in my life, my mother and father; they have shaped me into what I am today and I look up to them. As a child I look up to different people; actors, directors, athletes, and musicians, stole my attention.

I had posters in my room of everyone I liked. My favorite was this Emmitt Smith poster, it was life size. Another poster was from my favorite movie back then, which was The Gladiator. I used to wait for the mail to come in, to see if the new Sports Illustrated had arrived. Once it was in I would read it from cover to cover. Learning about my favorite athletes was important to me back then; something that was also important was my favorite music. Listening to my favorite radio station and waiting till one of the songs I knew came on, then rocking out with my favorite artist.

Now, I know everyone is not perfect and the people I look up to were far from it. Even my parents sometimes had their bad moments, and I even had some horrible moments in my life. But the stars I saw on TV would get ripped apart, their reputation torn forever. I would think to my self “I can’t believe I looked up to some one like this”. But they are just people and everyone makes mistakes and through their mistakes I would look at my own life. Trying to be the best person I could be.

Wherever you go, go and be true to yourself, is what I think being yourself is. Not trying to let anyone say that you can not be whatever you what to be. Whether it is a doctor or a lawyer, an actor or a musician, or just the person you want to be. To be yourself is to find your own identity. Now I am 19 year old and if I said I knew what “being yourself” is that would be a lie. It could take days, months, even years. It could take the rest of my life just to figure out that I should be a gardener. But for now, I will go and try to find myself the best way I know how, and that is living my life. Finding out what I like, because to be truly yourself you have to find what it is that makes you, you.