This I Believe

Nasser - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Discovery Channel is Insightful

I believe that the Discovery Channel opens the eyes of its viewers. Discovery uncovers many dangerous jobs, some of which are timber cutters, miners, and Alaskan Crab fishing. These jobs have fatality rates that are through the roof. I believe that the America’s most dangerous job is Alaskan Crab fishing. Discovery channel has a show called the Deadliest Catch. Its all about crab fishing in Alaska and the dangers that come with the job. So dangerous that 71 people out of every 10,000 will die. The over all accident rate is almost 100%. Every year, hundreds of fearless crab fishermen endure extreme weather conditions and harsh work environments with strong hopes of catching large amounts of the most desirable seafood in the world, King crab!

Crab fishing primarily occurs in Bristol Bay, with the small town of Dutch Harbor being the main hub of activity. King crab is also caught in Norton Sound, around the Pribilof Islands, along the Aleutian Chain, and a small amount off the coast of Alaska’s southern pan-handle. Boats like the Northwestern, the Cornelia Marie, and the Maverick are top producers. In about a week or less these three boats catch between $700,000 and $925,000 each. Crews work for a total of two to three weeks including preparing the boat, actually fishing, and off-loading and the clean up. Each crew member makes between $28,000 and $45,000 for their work. Not bad for a side gig. My 8th grade teacher Mr. Howard, would teach the regular school year and in the summer he would fly to Alaska and fish king crab. I will be a crab fisherman at least for one season. I want to be able to tell my someday children that I was a crab fisherman. I believe this is great money, for my opinion, the most dangerous job in America.