This I Believe

Brooke - Sugar Land, Texas
Entered on May 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

Live Life

I believe that my favorite things about life result in unfortunate consequences.

Similar to most girls, I aim to maintain a healthy-looking figure. However, I have been told that I “live to eat,” instead of “eating to live.” This lifestyle creates a problem because every day, I find out that another one of my favorite foods is fattening or causes cancer. I recently read an article in the newspaper about how Sweet ‘n Low is hazardous to our health. The very thing that makes my tea delicious is ironically dangerous. Cookies are also on my “can’t live without” list. Sadly, cookies are one of the most fattening foods.

Not only are my favorite foods bad for me, so are my relaxation methods. A day basking in the sun makes me happy. The heat soaks into my skin and miraculously releases stress. I leave the lounge chair a shade darker, a perfect reminder of the day’s activities. Although, according to the experts, excessive sun exposure leads to skin cancer.

Loving dogs is generally a healthy pleasure without any severe consequences. I cannot resist their chubby cheeks and constant enthusiasm. My puppy listens to my problems without objections or arguments and can keep a secret better than any of my friends. He “protects” me from the trash men and anyone else who might appear at the door. Unfortunately for me, when I spend too much time around a dog, my eyes puff up and my throat starts to itch. Ironically, allergies stand between my most loyal companion and me.

I have been a physically active person all of my life. Volleyball became my passion at a young age and introduced me to my favorite people. However, before I work out, I must use an inhaler to keep my asthma under control. Asthma is only a minor inconvenience when it comes to my favorite sport.

I have put much thought into my theory about how my favorite things in my life result in my least favorite consequences. The greatest foods are also the unhealthiest, and the activities I love the most result in sneezing, wheezing, or cancer. Do I choose to pay the price for life’s luxuries? I will not allow a little thing like cancer come between the sun and me. I will not let a few calories prevent me from eating that peanut butter cookie. Life is worth living. I choose to live life.