This I Believe

Larissa - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that people need to be pushed.

If you had three months left, who would you want to spend it with? Sometimes I wish that someone lied to me and said that I had cancer, or that I was going to die. Maybe then, I will take my life a bit more seriously. No more beating around the bush, but actually doing the things that I really want to do. Say ‘I love you’ to those people that matter and telling all the people that annoy me why they are annoying. However, alas, I am not dying, and I do not have an incurable cancer. I guess I should be grateful for that, but it is not as if I am going to get up off my chair and start doing stuff that matter to me. Somewhat sad, but I am known for being a lazy person that needs a little push to actually start doing something drastic. Maybe a big push. Then again, a part of me does not think that many people would care much about what I think. Like all the boys that I actually really really liked. Or the people that probably hurt me in some way. Or the people that I have hurt in some way. The people that really left a mark on me, the people that I drifted apart from, and so on. But I believe that I should say it anyway. Even if they do not care, I still do. I should do it for myself. It would make my boring routinely life a little more less boring. Unfortunately, I will not do it all by myself. I have no motivation. No push. I feel that it is important to do what I really want to do, to chase after my own dreams and ambitions. But there is something holding me back. Fear. I need someone who is not me to tell me that it is the right thing to do, that it is all right.

Therefore, I am going to say that you should do something that you do not normally do. Tell someone something you would not have dreamed of telling him or her. Catch up with an old friend. Run around as if you were five again. Do something different. Consider this my push for you.