This I Believe

Hoang-Tony - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that grades are looked at too closely and should be put aside. Every year, no matter what happens, students are stereotyped by their grades. If they get an A, they must be the smart kid of the class. If they get a B or a C, they are the average kids that you can copy sometimes. However, if they get a D or an F, they are labeled as the kids who will probably never succeed in life. Parents tell their children to get an A. Why? If their child does not get an A, does that mean that he or she is stupid? A grade is just a number that people assume has a parallel to how smart a person really is. Do people ever think there might be another reason that the person has the grade they have? If people really paid attention, they would notice that the people that get A’s are the people who work hard and force themselves to remember the information that was presented to them earlier. That does not mean that they are smarter than anyone is, but instead they are just not as lazy. Colleges now are starting to realize that it is not always just about the grade that makes the person smart. They have realized that it also takes different experiences to make a person smarter. They look and see what other things you have done to see if someone is a rounded person that has done different things. Even though colleges sometimes look past grades, a majority of big colleges still make sure who ever they let in will have good grades. People just do not feel like risking anything on a person that makes low grades weather he or she is smart or not. Until a different way is created to evaluate a person’s intelligence, no one will be able to tell the smart and stupid apart.