This I Believe

Kayleen - Ravensdale, Washington
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Some people say that true love does not exist but that’s what they believe. I believe in true love and think that you have to have experienced it to truly believe. I believe that you can find something so irresistible about someone that you just can’t forget about it once you’ve experienced it. I believe that there is a person that you’re made for and destined to be with. One person that will complete your life and would feel empty if you lost them. Once you find that feeling in another you can’t find anything to replace it, or that even compares to that feeling. It’s there forever and no matter what even if you say otherwise, your going to have parts of that feeling, if not all of it that you’ll never be able to forget. True love is an unconditional love. When you are truly in love you will love that person for everything about them flaws and all. It’s when you would do absolutely anything for another without question if it was in their best interest. I believe that when you find true love you can feel something that tells you right away. You can just feel it deep down that you’re supposed to be with that person and that no matter who comes along you’ll never feel or want them as you do the person you are truly in love with. I believe that true love is when you are completely comfortable around someone. That your not afraid to do anything with worrying what their going to think. You know that they are not going to criticize you or make you feel bad or uncomfortable. I believe that I have experienced true love. I have felt all of this for one person and always will. When I am with him I am truly happy, when I am without him something is missing that nothing could ever replace. There is a saying that if you let something go and if it comes back to you it is truly yours forever. I have experienced that and know that I have felt this way for years and its not going to ever change. He is everything to me and the one thing that makes me truly happy, and the only one who will ever make me feel this way. I believe in true love no matter what people say.