This I Believe

alexander - West Bend, Wisconsin
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

People are wondrous creatures. Most people want things that they do not have or someone else has, but what they really want is what they usually already have. Most people want a big T.V. or the fast car. If I were to ask these people what they would say these things. If I were to ask them when they have these things if it made them happy they would say no.

One day when I was building with Lego’s on my closet floor, I realized that although they made me happy when I completed a large process, what I really wanted was to share this moment with my dad because we used to Lego’s together in the living room. Later that night I thought about what I wanted, complex lego creations, win the large sailing trophy, have more books to read, then I realized that the reason that I wanted those things was that I wanted to share them with other people. I know that that sound like I’m just selfless but I realized that I wanted to share my things with others because I and many other people enjoy most things when there are other people enjoying these things with them.

I believe that people are more important than possessions. Even though people have possessions they usually aren’t happy because they can’t share it with other people. Happiness usually does not come with possessions or even with a moment in time (like a video). I believe happiness comes with sharing these things with another person. I believe true happiness comes you succeed in bringing joy to someone else.

Most people do not know that people are more important than things until they are in the last years of their life or when they are on their deathbed. Most people think that importance is based on value or quantity. At school people kids think that if they have more friends that means that they are better than everyone else, instead the people that are truly good are the people that have friends who like them for who they are.

I do not know if this knowledge is supposed to be available when a person is young, but I think that if more people know this and use it, than more people will have a better life and leave the world a better place for generations to come.