This I Believe

Justin - New Springfield, Ohio
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Finding Success In My Mind

Listen close, don’t fall behind.

Please kick back recline and let your mind unwind.

If I want to succeed, it will take more than time.

So I push myself harder to design every line,

But it is harder then it looks, to make every line rhyme.

If I want to succeed I will have to do

Every little thing I’m going to explain to you.

At times it seems I become confused,

To myself and to others, however, I must stay true.

With persistence, my thoughts becomes renewed.

Success doesn’t come easy, it needs pursued.

And with that, the end result will indeed be valued.

If I want to succeed, I will have to be

More then what people perceive of me.

I get asked to write this “I Believe”

And everybody expects to hear a boring story

About God, life, or that mystery disease,

That luckily, gets cured from chemotherapy.

Instead I write you this rhyming spree,

Something unexpected from somebody like me.

If I want to succeed, I will most likely need

To proceed with good deeds, rather than greed.

Although it may be hard to heed others’ pleas,

I bet it’s agreed that giving is key.

Especially helping those unluckier than me.

Thankfully I was brought up believing in the Apostles’ Creed,

With the Father, the Son and God Almighty.

The enjoyment comes from smiles I see.

And if disagreed, just help someone in need.

If I want to succeed, it will take dedication,

Along with personal goals, and other obligations.

I’ll surely need a good education.

With that certification theres are no limitations.

But to reach graduation, I’ll need motivation.

Motivation doesn’t take much concentration,

All it really requires is some sincere inspiration.

It doesn’t require some transformation,

Or a immoderate revelation.

The word I am looking for is perspiration.

Ignore all the others, avoid the temptation.

If I want to succeed, it will take dedication.

Accomplishing success deserves no celebration,

But, of course, this does not need to be heard in my narration.