This I Believe

Hillary - Austin, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in the power of invention. I believe in the possibility of invention to give everyone the opportunity to “make it big” regardless of social disposition. Inventions can be big or small but they are all important in many aspects. I have always liked to build things. In Elementary School I spent hours of time in my dad’s workshop building catapults from plans I found on the Internet. I made so many different designs that I eventually ran out of them. But then I started thinking, “What if I made one that looked like this?”

That was when it started. The realization that I could make it and didn’t need to follow the trails laid down by others to do something great. I could succeed being me. I could apply the knowledge I had to make something different and better than what others had done. Or at least that was the goal. I may have failed repeatedly, but at least the goal kept me going and improving on past designs, until they lead to success.

Most people don’t realize what they can do by themselves. That anyone and everyone has the power to create revolutionary ideas that can positively affect themselves and society in big or small ways. This is the power of invention. When I began to realize this it changed my way of thought. Instead of thinking how can I follow the rules, I began to think about how I can bend them to make something that is different and that really stands out. After all if you follow the barriers that society sets how can you expect to have an idea bigger than others if it is enclosed by the same constraints?

Sometimes I criticize modern day educators for often stressing too much on the information and methods and too little on the discovery of them. However even with an assignment and a set of guidelines people can still find ways to invent with the rules in place. This is the same thing in life, there are always rules but there are also always ways to circumnavigate the commonalities of the daily grind to create a something spectacular. Think about it; if people like Edison, Washington, and Dell had stayed within the guidelines of the society they had known they would have never reached beyond them to change our society and shape our future. If you want to set your self apart from the herd in life you have to invent and get out of the ruts left by past pioneers. Anyone can do it, all it requires is desire, and that’s what makes it such a force to be reckoned with.