This I Believe

rogelio - goshen, Indiana
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe that conflicts can be good and that solving them can make u better. I learned this when I was sitting in History class and we were learning about how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. While in class, I wandered what led him to want to invent it. I came to the conclusion that he needed a better source of light, that led to the need for the light bulb.

After school, i started to look around and look at all the thing that had been invented. Things such as stop lights, roads, trains,cars, etc…All of these things were invented because they were needed.With out them life would be much difficult.

However not all things are inventions, lessons can also be learned from conflict. Like the time that I cut my leg. I was seven years old and was racing my friend on bikes. It was all going good till I got to a sharp turn. I didn’t slow down and ended up hitting an aluminum sign that was at the corner.Needless to say, the sign cut my leg up pretty bad. After that experiences i learned to slow down at corner.

As i said earlier i belive conflicts can be good and well make u better. They well help you produce a new item or make you wiser.