This I Believe

Sydney - Saint Paul, Minnesota
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity

On a yellow school bus, a girl. She sits alone. A driver that seems to be caught in between her own world and the girl’s. As the girl sits on this bus alone, she stares out of a window longingly and ever so patiently. In a way she is torn between a feeling of contentment and disappointment. This all hidden behind a sort of rage. She feels an uncontrollable anger and it is as if there are a thousand tons weighted on her tiny and narrow shoulders. The suffocation she feels causes her to choke on the very air that she breathes. She watches as the trees fly past and pictures herself jumping out towards them and crashing to the ground. With each passing moment more self hatred overwhelms her. She inhales deeply and releases a heavy sigh. Trying harder each minute to think of something that will ease her mind off of the pain, she glances around the rather limited and enclosed space. At that specific moment she feels almost trapped. Finally, when all hope seems lost, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out an answer to relieve her of all of her problems. The one thing that would make her feel human again.

With the flick of a switch and the inserting of to small ear buds I felt a sort of relief take over and control my thoughts, my mind, and my body. Music was helping me to block out any negative energy I had felt before. A melody, no matter how depressed I am, will over time over come any feelings of despair I might hold. This I believe-music is a source of happiness.

Now let me explain my reasoning. First, I would like to say that I am a singer at heart and music comes to me naturally. My body becomes in tune with just about any melody that you play for it. So when I hear a sad, or happy, or exciting song I feel whatever that song is trying to say. Music makes me think and feel.

Music helps me fill voids. Whenever something seems to be missing from me, I let music fill my mind and soul. It clears any negative energy I had before. It makes me feel alive and human. So when I’m feeling down in the dumps, I let music make me feel good.

I sit on this yellow bus no longer alone, but accompanied by music. This once rather limited and enclosed space now has vast opportunity. It has a chance to help me grow and evolve into the person that I was before anything bad happened. The disappointment and rage fades away. I feel a grin where the corners of my mouth start to turn up. My heart beat is steady and I feel content. At that moment nothing bothers me because I know I have music. Once again I will say, this I believe-music is a source of happiness.