This I Believe

Kyle - Maple Valley, Washington
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

There are many things that need to be changed to make this world a better place. I think that the United States has enough power that we can use some of that power to help out other countries. There are some countries that do not have enough money for vaccinations and things that they need to keep them alive. That is why I believe we need to help out Africa but sending them money and education because to many of them are dieing.

In Africa the children are not treated as well as they should be. Most of them are not going to school. If they are going to school they are not learning to the best of their ability because the schools do not have enough money. I believe that we need to send money to those schools. Why should those children suffer for things that their government can not provide. It is not their fault they got brought in this world. They should get the same opportunity as we do to have an education. I think by sending money and utensils to get a good education those children can be just as successful as any normal child.

Another thing I believe in is we need to get medical help down in Africa. The AIDS problem is getting out of hand. A lot of the children who live in Africa live without parents. Most of them are ten years old and are running their family because both of their parents died from AIDS. Also Malaria is a huge problem in Africa. Because there are not enough clothes and protection from the outside the misquotes attack them. Some people have to sleep outside so they attack them. Since Africa is so poor children get bit and do not have the money to get vaccinated. There is a cure for malaria and they can not get better because they do not have the money.

There are many more reasons why we need to give money and support to Africa. They have many problems and their children are suffering. I do not think it will hurt us by helping them out. So what I believe in is that we need to give support and money to Africa to help the people out.