This I Believe

Steven - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in choices. In every situation of life I have a choice. I may not always see it sometimes, but I do. I’ve had the choice to be a good son, a smart person, just an all around good person. There are so many people in this world that make different choices. They choose to be teachers, parents, and many times, bad people. Yet, I always seem to hear that if I never make mistakes then I never learn. I’ve made my own mistakes, but I’ve also learned that the choices of others have influenced me too.

When I was born my parents were still living in a trailer park. My mom had me when she was 28. Both of my parents are still together and they are the reason that I choose to write this essay.

For instance, at three-years old, my mother wanted to move to the east side of El Paso. She wanted to leave the trailer and persuade my dad to better the life of the family. That never happened until I was eight years old, and moved to the east side of town. I remember disagreeing with her decision, but what choice did I have?

From then point on, I started making choices on my own. During elementary, I was afraid to make new friends. I was one of the smart kids of my class, but my wits never gave me respect. Ultimately I choose stop being scared change myself and make some new friends. It was in the summer that I met my best friend Juan. That decision I made, changed my life.

My mom got married with my dad and I chose to stay in El Paso, instead of moving to San Diego with my sister. I love my mom and dad; I don’t think I could leave them after all they’ve done for me. My sister always welcomes me to go live with her, but I choose to stay where I am because for more than half my life, I’ve lived here, on the eastside. It’s where everything is, where I feel at home. My home wouldn’t be a home with out a family. My father and I work on my truck on the weekends and my mother takes all the credit for it since she was put her share of money into it as well. So, what keeps me going is the love I have for my family, because my heart knows where it belongs. It’s the choices I make that let me learn. In a not so perfect world I know what I want, and with that, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, all the time, when it gets too dark.