This I Believe

Ashley - The Woodlands, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My Granddaddy: My Guardian Angel

When my Granddaddy, my mom’s dad, passed away during the first week of my freshman year of college, my life took a brief pit stop. My Granddaddy had a stout figure and grey whiskers since his thirties; he reminded me of Santa Claus. I remember how I used to play jokes on him and not listen to his orders. I was as stubborn as he was. I would fight back when he said: “Listen to your mother. Do what she asks you to do.” I enjoyed his stories about his life and family history. He could remember what he had for breakfast 20 years ago and the names of deceased relatives, generations ago. I did not realize how much I loved and cherished my Granddaddy until he was no longer with us.

Soon after his death, life got better. I ditched my abusive ex and transferred schools. My life began to move forward. I even met a new boy. I know someone up there has been pulling some strings, because my boyfriend, Larry is everything that my Granddaddy would want me to be with. It is uncanny how Larry resembles the character of my Granddaddy. Funny to say, I first noticed how big Larry’s fingers were. I didn’t know a 23 year olds’ fingers could be like stuffed mozzarella cheese sticks, but that was okay with me, because my Granddaddy had the same fat fingers. Larry is like my Granddaddy in many other ways: they both have the same old-fashioned character, like country music, enjoy hunting trips, and are generous to everyone they meet.

To this day, I still sense my Granddaddy’s presence. Every time my family and I visit his ranch style home in South Carolina, I feel as if he’s just around the corner and I just haven’t found him yet. When we dine, it is as if his silhouette casts across the dinner table and his voice is ringing in my ear saying, “You better clean your plate.”

Sometimes I close my eyes and see my Granddaddy, leaning over a balcony waving at me. It is as if he is letting me know that he’s okay and looking over my shoulder. I see him in my dreams, acting as if he was still alive, happy and cheerful.

My belief, altered or imagined, is that I believe I have an angel watching over me; my Granddaddy. I believe my Granddaddy specifically chose Larry for me. And I believe he will be with me, watching over me, until we meet again.