This I Believe

Emily - Rosebud, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My Father’s Unconditional Love

Parents expect their children to be well behaved throughout their lives. I was always a good child. I was active in sports, organizations, and maintained straight A’s. One day I became tired of being the “perfect” child and I decided to rebel. After this period in my life, I realize that I believe in a father’s unconditional love for his child; my father’s unconditional love for me.

During Christmas break of my junior year, my friends and I decided to vandalize the town of Rosebud. We spray painted buildings, signs, and the water tower. The next day part of me felt horrible for this, but the other part was happy I did something out of the ordinary. I came home one night to see our illegal act had made the front page of the newspaper, and my dad making comments on how lucky he was to have a well-behaved child. After my dad’s comment, the guilt began to swell up inside of me.

A week after, I found myself sitting in the police station, with my three friends, being questioned about the spray painting. I have never before felt the emotions that I felt at that moment. I remember walking out of the police station, fortunate enough not to be incarcerated and only have forty hours of community service with restitution. I knew this was just the beginning and I would have to go home eventually and face my father. When I walked in the door, my dad was speechless and refused to talk to me for a few hours. All I was thinking of was how I have failed him as a daughter. It seemed an entirety before my father decided to talk to me. He lectured me on how disappointed he was in me, but no matter what happened he loves me unconditionally.

Once my father had preached about my sins, I knew life would continue but I never realized how this would affect him. I remember acting as if I was asleep that night and listening to my dad’s conversation with my grandmother. At first, I only heard one side of the phone conversation and the things I heard stuck with me to this day. I remember my dad telling my grandmother what I did, and then shortly after I heard him say, “Children today do worse things, and kids mess up from time to time.” My grandmother was furious and questioned my dads parenting skills. After their conversation, I began to realize how much my dad loved me, and he truly meant he loves me throughout it all. My grandmother was only one of many individuals in the community that looked differently at my father. My father was affected greatly after my one rebellious night.

Overall, I believe in a father’s unconditional love because my father supported me through a rough time in my life. He never gave up on me and because of this, I am a better person today.