This I Believe

Omar - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe, I believe that there is no point in the present war in Iraq. The only reason our American president started this war was so he can receive money for him and his friends. Another reason for being in Iraq and in the Arabian Peninsula is to obtain their greatest natural resource, oil.

I believe that we shouldn’t be sacrificing the lives of our American soldiers, and also the Britain soldiers who are our allies. Everyday there is a toll to this pointless war, where sons, daughters, friends, and neighbors die for nothing what so ever. If the government wants money they should go get it themselves.

I believe that they are not only hurting our people, but they are also hurting Iraqis as well. Innocent people walking around die in an instant because a bomb exploded nearby. This is a very sad situation. Where innocent lives are being lost and the only people doing the “bad” stuff are the ones protected and risking others’ lives.

I believe that the funding for this war is just going down the drain. The government wastes so much money a day just to keep this pointless war going. Our economy is doing really bad and they just keep hurting this and the next generations’ future. The United States is the greatest power in the world, but in the future this will not happen. They will owe a lot of money to other countries, such as China, who will become the greatest power in the world.

I believe that the present President should just bring all of our troops back. And I also believe that his low sense of knowledge will not allow him to do this. The only hope I, and the rest of the Americans have, is that our next leader will be smart and worry about our troops. And hopefully bring them back as soon as possible.