This I Believe

Salvador - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“This I Believe. . . .”

I believe that people should take advantage of the things given to them. Many things in life are done with hard work and dedication, but when something is given for all that work I believe is should be taken and appreciated. Recently, I have received a scholarship to attend Ranger Junior College. At first, I had thoughts about it but then I realized there might never be another opportunity like this. Many people in the world don’t get this opportunity to do what I can do. After talking with my parents and my sister, they have told me about their experiences in life and why I should take this opportunity and make something of it.

I feel that some people who get the opportunity but turn it down because of the price, location or something else, are missing out because it could possibly happen that if you work hard and impress the teachers and coaches, they could give more than what was given in the beginning of the year. Blowing an opportunity now could mean not getting anything in the future.

I have a friend who received two scholarships to attend New Mexico Junior College (NMJC) and Texas Tech University. Personally, I feel he should have taken the scholarship to Texas Tech but I believe he chose it to stay close to home and because of the level of skill there is at NMJC. Although NMJC is a junior college the talent there is very high because they are ranked number one in the nation out of all junior colleges. Of course though that’s my opinion on what I would do, because I feel that Texas Tech, which is a university, is the better place to learn and to play sports because of the competition and because of the talent. In conclusion, it takes heart to earn an opportunity but it takes a true person to take it and use it properly.