This I Believe

Mark - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

I believe that everybody is just thinking for the good of himself.

I think so because you can see it everyday, everywhere. No matter what religion, race or country. Everybody just decides for himself and doesn’t care about others. Making dreams real or visions or whatever is in ones head that has to become real no matter what it costs. People say that the Islam is bad and against all rules of life but fact is that those people think the same about us and we never really showed them that they are wrong and the same on the other side. Because every time when differences appear both go to war and kill others, not caring about there needs, just making their own ideas real. Or a soldier, a man that defends freedom in every country, defending every countries ides that are seen as wrong in other countries. In real they mostly join to kill people and satisfy there own needs. And after they are done, they are empty or regret what they have done. But they still did what they wanted. Making money is a good example too. The seller won’t ever tell the whole truth about a product to the customer because he fears that he would lose money not caring about the loss that the customer gets. But it makes sense, why would you take losses just because others could have a better life? I saw it in my own life too. Several times, I always thought that keeping others up would pay out and I would feel better, but in fact I just got kicked. Once I kept my mouth closed just because of respect and knowing the problems that those would have had if I would have talked. But not talking just made my life worse and I now realized that it was wrong because the persons I defended in that way said things and did things that were just low. I experienced this several times in my own life. One time was when my dad was between and my stepmother, well, it happened several times. I always kept my mouth closed just to keep my dad out of fire. But then I realized that it was wrong because he said things to me that were really under the line. I found out that he was really in the believe that I was wrong and they did stuff that really destroyed my life. And he still is in the opinion that he’s right. I changed my mind so that I will use law and everything else to make my life good again and to get away from him because I won’t accept it anymore even If I have to ruin his career or whatever. Because when I would talk it would go throw to the highest persons here in this town. It is a gamble, because we live here in a mix of government and private life. And I got no chance of getting things the way I need it except of using it as much as they do. Yes, it is pretty sad to write about something like this and act like it on my own. But I need to get my life working and it doesn’t work without living it for the better of me.