This I Believe

Maria - Maple Valley, Washington
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe in many things, but I think that the one of the most important is to believe and trust in ourselves and to trust that we can have what we set our minds to. No matter if there is people that don’t agree or share or dreams.

I know that everything starts with a dream and of course I know that dreams come true.

This is a hard world full of injustices and racism but it’s within us to make a change.

When I was a child I used to think that I have the perfect world. The perfect family with my parents, brothers a beautiful house a great school with my friends a great school with my friends in some sort of way I lived in a bubble where nobody could hurt me and everything was color pink. But as time went by my parents started to have problems my brothers left the house and all of the sudden my idea of perfect world start to disappear. I begin to have problems at school and I had to quit school and start in another. Witch mean I had to be apart from my friends. I start to believe that my world was crumbling down. Where my pink world was turning black. I didn’t want to know anything about anybody until one day I decided to assume my reality and my life the way it is. I learned to take the positive of things, The best of life and how bad I misused. That’s why every time that I see a black point I remembered that we have one live to life that we have to take advantage and live the best possible way because later it can be too late.

Today I know that life is beautiful and it depend on us How Black or How Pink we want it.