This I Believe

Priscilla - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There’s a point in every person’s life when they feel like they can’t go on. It feels like they’re at the lowest point in their life and nothing can make them feel better. I’ve been there before but I was lucky enough to find my salvation. I found it in music. So based on personal experience I believe that music can save lives.

It was just last year that I was at that point in my life. The beginning of the school year was going great. Everything seemed perfect, but in the back of my mind I knew things were changing. My two closest friends and I were slowly drifting and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop it. During the last month of school they stopped talking to me altogether. My friends mean the world to me and at that time they were all that I had. So when I lost them it felt like I’d lost my entire world.

I felt so alone and unwanted. I would try to escape this reality through books and music but nothing seemed to work. I’d walk around all day not saying one word, with a blank expression on my face. It was during this depression that my dad introduced me to a band called Staind. He said that he could tell I wasn’t happy and that I would like Staind because I could relate to a lot of their lyrics. He’s introduced me to a lot of awesome music before, but for some reason this band was different.

I started listening to them non-stop and I came across a song called “Schizophrenic Conversations” and I fell in love. There’s a part in the song where the lead singer, Aaron Lewis, sings “I long for solitude and peace within me, void of all the anger and the fear,” that part hit me the hardest because at the time, that was exactly what I wished for.

It amazed me that the singer and I longed for the same thing. It made me realize that I wasn’t the only person in the world that’s suffering from this kind of pain. My loneliness gradually faded all because of one simple little song. In my eyes music saved me from my depression; music saved my life.