This I Believe

Christina - New Braunfels, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

To be gay; is it wrong? The majority of society believes that homosexuality is wrong, including my parents. I have been fighting with them for years about the subject and I am not even gay. My parents assume that all female college athletes are gay, the stereotype everyone clings to. Being a college athlete, I battle them on an everyday basis concerning my orientation and why I have so many gay friends. Being gay is a way of life, a way many do not agree with, a way that cannot be helped. Being gay is a struggle. I believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle that people do not choose, but rather end up with.

The struggle began for me in high school living in a very German, conservative town. I was a three letter winner in basketball, soccer and track and just simply did not have time to regularly date with all my extracurricular activities, so my mom questioned my sexual preference. Although I have continuously assured my parents that I am heterosexual, they have restricted my friends, they check up on me everyday, and yes, I am in college and do not reside at home. I feel like I am in elementary school trying to hide something from my parents, but in reality my parents just do not have the same belief as me.

I believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle that people do not choose, but that it is an innate nature. In retrospect, many homosexuals have to endure society’s criticism and are ultimately looked down upon. Who would choose to be looked down upon? For the past four years I have had to deal with accusations of homosexuality regardless of the fact that I dated a guy for two years during my high school years. Now that I am in college my parents question me on an everyday basis on the phone and have even come up to the school to talk to me in person on my beliefs and theirs. They have even gotten a Myspace and Facebook and made me become friends with them so they can watch who my friends are. Recently, they found out that I do hang out with homosexuals and threatened to cut me off because they feel I will be persuaded into being a lesbian. With this constant watch I gained the belief that being gay is not wrong and is not a choice as many including my parents think it is.

To be gay is a way of life people cannot help and I came to this realization when my parents had a constant watch on me. To be gay is hard, to be gay will always be a battle, and I am here to support and do whatever I can for their rights.