This I Believe

Carissa - Willowbrook, Indiana
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Protecting My Younger Sister

Why can’t my sister Lanette understand that I am doing this to protect her? She is a senior in high school and I have always been close to her-until recently. She has been going through many changes and has made choices that I don’t agree with. She has an abusive boyfriend that I don’t respect; she has been drinking to get back at my parents, and blames me for ruining her senior year and life. How did our relationship go from being best friends to her giving me the cold shoulder? I believe that a sister can’t be replaced and even when you are temporarily enemies, you still have to protect her.

When Lanette was born, I was so excited to have a younger sister, I told myself that I was going to be a good role model, someone to admire. I was a good student, a two time state champion in badminton, and I always listened to my parents. I had, however, made some choices that I regret. I turned to peers that were rebellious and the only people that mattered to my friends were themselves. After getting grounded and almost losing the chance to play badminton, the year I would eventually win state, I decided that I had to put my foot down and change. My sister April was there for me. She pulled me out of my horrible situation and got me on the right track. I still thank her to this day, even though at the time I thought that she was being a second mother to me, which I did not appreciate, but now I talk to her at least two times a day.

Years later, I am playing the role of April and Lanette is playing me. Prom is coming up this weekend and she wants to go to Wisconsin Dells with her verbally abusive boyfriend. Not only that, she is going with eight of her friends, who all drink, and their parents provide the alcohol for them. Lanette told me one night what her actual plans were, but told my parents a different story. Now I had the decision to either tell my Mom so that my sister would not get in trouble and stay safe or have myself pretend like she never told me and see her get in trouble or worse get hurt.

I could not just sit back and cross my fingers that her boyfriend would not hurt her or she would not drink. I told my mom her real plans. Now Lanette is not allowed to go to Wisconsin Dells with her boyfriend and on top of that, she is grounded for lying to my parents. The first person she points the finger at for ruining the whole weekend is me. Yes I was the person who snitched on her; I know it’s for her own good. Four years from now, she will thank me for doing this, just like I thank April every day for stepping in and being a second mom to me. I might have this horrible feeling in my stomach because I turned my sister against me, but I would feel even worse if I knew that I did not stop her and she got hurt. I would not be able to live with myself if anything happened to her. I just have to wait for my sister to realize that I am doing this because I love her. I am going to protect my sister and do whatever it takes to make it up to her. Will I ever get a thank you? I believe that only time will tell.