This I Believe

Elizabeth - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

As I woke up this morning (as usual), I got out of my covers went to my little brothers room and told him to get up to get ready for school. Yet, there’s times when all I do is yell at my little brother across the house to do the same thing. Which this means that I’ve already gotten up with a bad attitude towards my little brother and my day is already started negatively. I think that it all depends on the way you act or react to an emotion. If you get up and the first thing you do is yell or let something get you upset in any kind of way, then don’t be expecting your day to go any better. When you set your mind to something good that can make you smile or laugh and everything you are doing is positive the people around is most likely to act the same way towards you. If your attitude is negative and rude than it works the same way with others. As to which I can let you know that two days ago my mom got really mad at me because I hadn’t gotten my little brother out of the bed. She woke up and started yelling like crazy telling me “You are a really irresponsible, Elizabeth!” and “Your brother is going to be late to school!” Of course I yelled back at her telling her “He’s not my child, he’s your kid, you’re the one that should be taking him to school!” My mother as you can see woke-up with a negative attitude and messed up my day too. If I would’ve apologized for not waking him and telling her that I would try to get him ready as fast as I could, then that would’ve meant that my reaction was positive and my mom would’ve probably reacted differently. But it didn’t happen that way she yelled, told me I was grounded, and kept telling me to “take him to school now.”

I believe that when you wake up with an positive attitude then it’s most likely that your day will go really good as to which there might be a few problems but you will know how to go through them. If there’s negative attitude at the beginning of your day everything you do and think of is going to be negative, bad, or not really good in a future. Each one of us needs to know how to handle situations whether there bad or good. When you act as it should then everything works out perfectly fine.