This I Believe

Hannah - El paso, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that no matter how my life is going, or even how I feel that second I wake up. I will always think and be positive.

Monday morning wake up 20 minutes late for school, immediately I am in a bad mood. I wake up so scared, in a hurry I’ll have no time to shower. Things going through my head thinking am going to be late for school, what is my teacher going to do, because am late. And on top of all that is going through my head I still have to figure out what am going to wear today, and how on earth am I going to do my hair.

Finally I get to school, running up to the 3rd floor, panting really hard, out of breath once I get to class. Trying to think of an excess to give, so that my teacher won’t count me late. I am extremely stressed out, and my teacher just won’t buy my excess. So I end up getting sent to the office once again.

For most people just waking up late would put them in a bad mood, and just makes their whole day a horrible day, where nothing just seems to go their way. But for me I believe that no matter how my day begins. I should always remain in a positive mood. I believe that the way I feel is the way my day will turn out to be for the rest of the day. So if am sad, or mad, then my day will just end up being the one of the worst days of my life, but if I continue to think positive and remain in a happy mood, then my day will turn out to be a pretty calm day for me. I mean there are days were am just really down and on the veer of crying, but I believe that life continues and what good is life if I live it in sadness and misery. So live each day in happiness and let nothing or anyone get in your way.