This I Believe

Elizabeth - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that this world is filled with nothing but superficial self-centered people, who only think of themselves and not for the good of mankind. Is that all that this world has to offer, nothing but unkind people. The world does not revolve around anybody. I feel as though people just are wasting away their life on unimportant things. It is very rare to find a kind genuine person that really cares about what is going on around them.

Life is a gift and it should be spent on more meaning full things than what our society says. I see people who have no regard for the way other people feel or think, they only care about themselves, of their state of being. Life should be spent helping out other people who need it whether it is physically or mentally. This world would greatly benefit from the kindness of others. There are people who do care but they are sadly outnumbered, if somebody tries to do something good they will get greatly criticized.

I see celebrities or just wealthy people in general throw their money away to useless causes. Then I see these poor starving people on television on the streets, and I feel a sadness come through me, just knowing that nobody has no compassion for these people. I look back and I see these rich people caught in their money and worldly things. On the other side are poor unfortunate people just looking for a kind person to turn to but yet there is nobody. I feel like our world is wasting away and it truly is sad to watch.

This is what I believe; it will take much help to turn things around. All we need to do is look deep into our hearts and find the kindness that is inside of all of us. There is kindness and goodness we just have to bring it out.