This I Believe

Sara - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

I believe that we are out on this earth for a reason. Whither I was put here to make jeans or to be a multi millionaire. Each one of us has a reason and a place on this earth to love life and lives it. I believe that God has great things for us here.

I believe I was put here to do what I was set out to do. To accomplish my goals and my dreams. To full fill my destiny. My grandma once told me about this young guy she knew, that he was so down, that he did not want to live any more that nothing was going right in his life. That every where he turned was like bad luck. My grandma would tell him no that’s no the way. He would go on telling her that his house hold was not good that every day the parents would get into fights and that he would always get into trouble. He would never go and have fun with his friends; he would not be able to watch TV. He was not nor did liking that God give him the family he did. He as well had problems in school. He would receive low grades, he had no friend. Now and them kids would pick on him. He was unhappy with his life. My grandma would tell him no that God did not put through here to be in suffering. She went on telling him that the people that have done wrong will see that they shouldn’t do that any more. Years past and the same young man saw my grandma at store. My grandma of course did not recognize him, but he did. His life was completely changed. The was in a nice suit. He went on tell my grandma that his dad divorced his mom. Then she remarried a wealthy man that took very well care of them. He moved schools and he had more friends than had. He is what you would call “popular” he had many girlfriends. After graduating he went on to become a doctor. He has a wife with four kids. He told my grandma that if it wasn’t for her he would not be living.

I thank God each day for what he has given me. For my family, my friends, and for being able to love and live life to the fullest. Now my grandma has passed away and I thanked her for saving that young boys life. I believe that I have more to full fill and I am so thankful.