This I Believe

Sarah - Lake Villa, Illinois
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Over the last two years my family has gone through a great transformation. My dad had to leave my house, leave my family. We were all weak, upset, and confused. We weren’t sure how we were supposed to feel, we weren’t sure how to move on. My two younger brothers, my mom, and myself have all changed, I would say for the good. The saying, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” is definitely true. I believe in growing through hard times to come out being a wiser person. I believe that when you feel that no one can relate to what you are going through, what your pain or feelings are, that is when you are becoming a unique person, you are growing yourself as a person.

My family over the last couple of years has experienced a stronger love towards each other than I have felt in the past with them. We have talks about our feelings, what is going on. Being able to talk about my dad is something I rarely do, so it brings me closer to my family, the only group who really know this side of me, and me of them. That is not all we talk about; we talk about everything now, we are all very open with each other, something that did not go on so much before. I used to hang out with my family because I was younger and had no choice but to do so; now it is all up to me, and being with my family is one of my top choices. Not only has my immediate family become close, but my aunts and uncles have really stepped in to help us out. It is nice seeing my cousins weekly now, people who I used to just see on the holidays.

I believe my brothers and I have taken in what has come to us and have grown so much. Taking what comes to you in life and making the best of it is what life is all about to me. There will be hard times, good times, times you don’t know how to feel about, but I believe what has to be done is to make the best of it if it is within your power to do so.