This I Believe

William - Grayslake, Illinois
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe that while we are becoming more connected around the world we are also growing more apart. It is not because of hatred or war but because of our own advancements. The new technologies of the early 21st century have started to make it easier for one to be more removed from the world around them. I’ve been in a technical booth during plays more times I can count, and this gives me a front row seat to this growing epidemic. During every single show I’ve seen from that booth, I have seen someone lose interest in the show and focus more on text messaging their friend or playing with the PSP they just happened to have.

This is addiction is not just happening just within theatre walls, though. On a nice vacation to Clearwater Beach, Florida, I focused on the beautiful views and amazing weather that we lack in the Midwest. A friend who came with me decided that she wanted Mike to know how beautiful it looked, and she got on the cell phone for the next 3 hours. It made me steam at the ears to know that she was missing out on something right in front of her eyes.

Cell phones are one of the most useful tools in the modern day world, but they are removing us from the experiences that make us deeper and better people. With people being able to talk to whoever they want whenever they want, they are missing meeting new people and seeing new places. I think that because of my use of technology, I am more separate from those I could be closer to, and therefore I am not getting all I can from life. My generation might not be as inspired by sunsets as they are Blackberries, and this is upsetting.

I believe that by connecting ourselves to others though technology, we are missing the world around us. It’s a wondrous world out there, people, and we are passing it by. Our world is a Da Vinci painting, and we are staring at our Garfield comic books. Some just need to look up.