This I Believe

Evelyn - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: parenthood

My Daddy’s Lies

I lived with my dad off and on until I was fifteen. It was a very unstable environment for me as he is a widow and raised me alone. My daddy was my world and if anything bad was ever said about him I was always on his side. My sibling always called him a liar. But to an innocent child like me I believed everything my daddy said. I found out when I was a teenager my daddy was a chronic liar. My dad would lie about the simplest things. If you asked him where he was at he would never say where he really was at or with whom. He always made up fake stories like I called you, and no missed calls would be on my cell. Until this day my dad lies about the silliest things. I have asked him many times to not lie; I have always wanted to have a conversation with my dad that would be from the heart with no lies involved. Hard to believe but as frustrating as it can be I got used to his lies. Although my dad is a chronic liar it has made me a better person because I try not to lie.

White lies, you know those small unnecessary lies that don’t hurt anyone. I now can’t stand lies and live a life with no lies. But I have lived through so many years of lies I get really mad when I hear white lies. In my romantic relationships I have big arguments if I hear white lies I am paranoid that they are chronic liars like my dad.

I believe that honesty is important in any relationship. Lies have killed me and my dad’s relationship. Once you say one lie you get tangled in a mess of other lies to explain the lies. It’s better to feel free and live with no lies. If we are honest it can make our lives easier and our relationships stronger.