This I Believe

Mariana - Chandler, Arizona
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Good people are hard to find.

I remember at the age of 4 arriving at big brothers and sisters, looking around to see that I was surrendered with children my age. I went upstairs looking up in the window wondering why I am here as my tears began to drop asking for my mom to take me back home. She did come back to see me after five years. I no longer wanted to see her, I felt like she has abandoned me, but we sad down and she told me what was going on with her live. She was not able to take care of me when I was born and had no choice to send me to big brothers and sisters. I really have missed her, her love for me, her hugs, and just to have someone be there for you. I understood that times were hard for her. As far about my dad, I never met him. I got used to just know that I have no dad, but only a mom. I was just happy to know that I had love from my big sisters, brothers and my favorite teacher. She was like a mom for me. I no longer was sad that my mom was no with me because the children meant a lot for me. I remember how we used to take every summer trip around the country and two weeks would go by I wanted to be back with the rest of the children. That’s how much I missed them. This place was my home. I grew up for 18 years with them. I was a girl that learned on her own how, to learn how to educate myself, and how to love everybody, but missed one thing, the love from my parents.

Instead of receiving unconditional love from my mom, I turn to love and care the kids that were much younger than me. They were wonderful kids. I kept on taking care and loving them. Nothing was greater than, but to just love them. There were times when they used to call me “mommy”; my eyes were tearing down when I looked in their faces. I felt at that moment that they were not alone and felt much loved. They were the world to me. How so many parents could abounded so many children. Why was mom my one of them? I was thinking that perhaps all the good people disappeared. My experience and life has taught me to keep on growing stronger and always have faith. I learned how to love and receive love. For the first time in my life I lived in a house with a family when I was 18 years old, my American family. I felt so welcomed and happy to live with them. They had 3 daughters one their own and another exchange student, plus me. I didn’t think that there will still be good people in this world who care and love so much. I started to believe that I felt like I was a part of the family. They all taught me good qualities, but the biggest one was their love. I believe that no matter how difficult times we face, there is always hope to “Believe” that good things and people will help us. Now, it is my turn to go out there in this world to share with people love and to care for them. No one should be alone.