This I Believe

Kamal - Irvine, California
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity

“W” as the head, from word to world

Word is headed by “W”, an interesting letter with a significant weight in the alphabet. How this letter was historically added to some languages and not to others is irrelevant now. The important matter is that any question headed by what, why, when, and where in fact starts with the letter “W”. The purpose of this essay is to remind the public that some important words are headed by this unique letter.

Although its use might be forbidden in a restrictive country, surprisingly a world wide web of modern technocrats recognized the importance of “W” and emphasized to repeat it three times as WWW so everybody becomes familiar with it around the world.

When letters such as insecurity and indecisiveness were making up sentences, paragraphs sought a magic letter such as will power to make decisions and turn things around. Nowadays they seem to have forgotten the bad times and follow the fashion to be critical of “W”, because it heads an angry word such as war.

“W” has been projected to be the head of weirdness by conservative letters such as wait and watch and liberal ones such as wishy washy. On the other hand idealistic and intuitive letters such wish and wisdom as well as active and liberating ones such as will and wake up think “W” rightfully deserves to be their head.

Of course no letter is perfect, and “W” is not an exception. As a weakness “W” heads the first name of Winston Churchill (WC) who might have enjoyed seeing conservative dictators in a wide harem and people seeking liberty in a closet. “W” also can not fluently and firmly explain that he heads both names of Woodrow Wilson (WW), who advocated “New Freedom” for individuals and states and had a true compassion for self determination rights of oppressed nations.

May be the compassion of WW was because of being double “W”. If shortage of “W” is the obstacle to support self determination rights, the head of the lone star word and future action verb, the will, should proudly represent wise heritage of our Western hemisphere and so as a wise Western “W” or (WWW) complete now what WW had started in the beginning of the last century to free people from tyranny, if possible peacefully.

I beleive, if “W” understood the noble ideas of WW, he would have openly considered him instead of WC as a role model and supported the will of the people to eliminate tyrants and freely make choices. In such a case “W” might have been remembered as the liberating head of any part of the free world.