This I Believe

Gavin - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on May 2, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: nature

I believe in the finely designed perfection of Nature.

You could also call it Faith in God’s plan but I find those words tainted by the skepticism of our Age. Like many of us, I find it hard to reconcile a deep connection to spirit with the flimsy mythology that has been handed to us through time to explain our relationship with life. Religion, for me, has been left behind in the ascent of Man’s enlightenment. Religious myths and trappings seem like so many chains and leashes imposed by men in power, controlling the faithful. When I took direct ownership of my relationship with God the conflict no longer had relevance. I stopped looking for God in religion and found him everywhere around me.

When I sit back and pay attention I can see God’s hand in the very fabric of life. Nature itself, down to the fundamental physical and behavioral laws of the Universe has been tuned to bring forth the progress of life. Just as surely as you know that a ball on a hill will roll to the bottom, the universe is pre-programmed to grow, evolve and mature Consciousness.

The laws of life were finely balanced from the moment of creation. Life is a tenacious chemical inevitability, evolving toward more complex, more intelligent forms. We are the first species to call ourselves intelligent but we are not unique. There are many intelligent species on earth. Just look into your dog’s eye’s and deny he possesses a divine spark. Humans are not the highest possible form of Consciousness, ours too is evolving. I believe the next critical step in our journey is for our global consciousness to grow and take precedence over our smaller and more selfish personal consciousness. Until we can accept that all people are irreversibly tied to our own survival, we stand the chance of crippling civilization through conflicts between competing interests.

Our grasp of physics has brought us to a world in which conflict over ideas and power may not just mean the death of an ideal but lead to the extinction of our species. I fear that the momentum we have built up is sending us careening at a breakneck pace down that hill of evolution. I worry that the evolution of our consciousness has not kept pace and cannot balance out our will for destruction. To survive we must consciously expand our awareness to include the global consequences of our personal actions. Our next evolution must be adaptive and not reactive. In Global Warming, Muslim Fundamentalism, Globalization and the rapid stratification of wealth – the signs of evolutionary pressure are clear. Their dire consequences imply that we must evolve or die. The specter of failure strikes me with fear but I know we will accomplish this because I have seen the design in everything that has led to this point.

This I believe … I see divine design in the very physics of life and I am fortified against my fear for I trust that God guides our journey.