I believe that nothing in this world comes without a price

stephon - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that nothing in this world comes without a price. Nowhere in this country will you find organizations and jobs that hand out opportunities. And no happiness will never come without any pursuit. Throughout my lifetime I have done nothing but expect everything good to be handed to me. Or I expected to be spoon fed all of the answers to the tough questions that life presents to us each and everyday. As I grew older I gained knowledge about what life would be all about. and despite all that my parents have taught me most of the knowledge I would have to gain on my own.

Throughout high school, I envied the kids who always had the better clothes and better shoes. And I believed that all of their nice things were being provided by their parents. But I would later find out that most of them had jobs throughout the city, working hard for their valuable belongings. I believed that finding a job would be as easy as someone finding it for me. For months I would ask different people about job openings, and I would beg them to keep me posted. I believed that this process would eventually have a job opportunity land right in my lap. But as time passed, I discovered that I would have to take responsibility and find a job on my own. Once I found a job I also discovered that making decent money wasn’t as easy as some of my friends or family members made it look. I learned that I would have to work hard in order to enjoy the nice clothes and shoes that my friends had. This would only be the first thing I would learn on my journey to adulthood.

During high school I also expected happiness to be available to anyone who wanted it. But through my years through middle, high school, and even college, I would find out that happiness is something that is to be earned. As I progressed through high school, I found myself maturing and changing my old habits as I braced myself for college. However, many of my friends didn’t follow my path, as they expected happiness to come while they sat around and commited crimes and smoked drugs. When I see them today, I notice that none of them have changed at all, and they have faced more hardship and pain than most adults my age should ever have the choice of experiencing. I would also have to learn that just going to college itself will not insure a successful future, but college along with hard work, dedication, and determination would only push you so far in the world of today. With my different experiences I have come to believe that nothing great comes without paying a price. and only expecting the easy way around things will only stop you from going forward and may even set you back.