This I Believe

Ryan - Lutherville, Maryland
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Faith and Hope

I believe in faith and hope. I believe that when someone has something to believe in, they become hopeful and happy. It’s something or someone that you can turn to in times of need and talk to in times of joy. When you have that, you find hope and become more positive. And in today’s fast-paced society, this seems more important than ever.

For me, it’s God. I find hope and comfort in God as do many of my friends. There are other religious figures that provide hope too. This is the religious aspect of it all. Many are faithful to a certain religion and, in turn, find hope that way. I pray to God every night at dinner, and sometimes right before I go to bed. Every Sunday, I go to church. I sit down with other kids my age and we learn about God, Jesus, and we study the Bible. On certain days, we stay in the sanctuary and take Communion with everyone else. I find hope by being faithful to the Christian religion.

There are others in this world who find hope in other places and in other things. Some may find comfort in their dog while others have a special area where they go to relax. These people often believe that everyday life is a reason to celebrate and that everything in the world is special.

Finally, you must respect everyone’s source of hope. If they are happy when they are faithful, they should be rewarded as faith is a difficult thing to accomplish.

For me, religion is the source of my hope. I pray when I’m upset, and feel better as I think of God.

Faith leads to hope, no matter what. You are faithful and are in turn hopeful and joyful. This, I believe.