This I Believe

Josslyn - Narberth, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Live Like a Dog

I believe everyone should look at life the way dogs do. A dog’s life contains a sense of purity and innocence that deserves recognition. They live simply and honestly and I feel that we as humans would greatly benefit if we tried to approach life the way a dog does. I believe it would do us all some good to take a moment to step down from our proud “man- stance” and get down on all fours and realize we are all the same.

Personally, I find the level of appreciation that a dog has for the world to be truly astounding. The other day I was out walking my dog and I noticed the sparkle in her eyes as we strolled down the street past the trees and the flowers and the cars and the other dogs with their people, past the houses and the stores and the birds and the squirrels. She stopped every few feet or so to sense and absorb everything around her. She stopped to acknowledge everything anyone had contributed to the world; whether it be a piece of trash, an old bone, or another dogs pee, she made sure to stop and take the time to acknowledge its presence. Humans have the saying, “Stop and smell the roses” but I feel that is the abridged version. In a dog’s world, you stop and smell everything.

Honesty is another remarkable quality that dogs possess. If a dog meets another dog on the street her or she does not like, they simply growl and bark and move on with their day, unaffected by the possibly unpleasant encounter. While at the same time, if a dog loves you (which does not take much), he or she will surely make it known. They do not waste time muffling their love or worrying about if the love is returned; they simply love unreservedly.

Imagine a time where people learn to love as freely as dogs; where we actually acknowledge each others’ presence and appreciate what everyone gives to the world. Imagine a time where happiness and affection are openly expressed and are a natural part of every day life. All the layers of falsity and deception would be cleared away to reveal a beautiful place where everyone learns to accept and exist amongst one another. I believe dogs are here to teach us that life is hard, but if we slow down sometimes and take some time to smile, we’ll be okay.