This I Believe

Stephany - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in patience as a virtue. Nowadays most people are really impatient. We hate waiting in line and complain about a lot of things. I said we because I know I’ve done it before too. While waiting in line we start to complain and get frustrated over little things that mean nothing. Instead of wasting out time getting mad over other things we should learn how to appreciate the many little things in life.

I’ve been working at a YMCA for over a year now. I work front desk, we are the ones dealing with the members. YMCA standing for young men’s CHRISTIAN association, I can’t stress the Christian part enough. Everyday I interact with many different people including co-workers but most importantly our members. We have been told front desk is the way the YMCA is represented. We give first impressions of our facility and when people think of the YMCA it’s our faces who they remember.

I love dealing with people and being able to help them. But like in all jobs there has to be a down part, which is when we have to deal with angry people. When something has gone wrong or people need to complain about something and take out their frustration they come to us. Not knowing that most of the time it’s really not our fault. I have dealt with many rude and angry people but it doesn’t get easier. All we can do is stand there, listen to them, and try and calm them down. When people come to us all worked up and cussing at us they get us mad too.

Many people assume that whoever is working at the time can fix whatever problem they are having. I mean don’t get me wrong we try and help them out as much as we can but there’s times when we really cant. Either it’s really not our fault or that problem is beyond our heads. When people are mad though and we try to explain to them they don’t listen they think we just don’t want to help them. Working for a Christian association we have been taught to always keep our cool no matter how many ugly things we are told.