This I Believe

Jezelle - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I know as a teenager that parents sometimes seem strict or in the words of the young “way too over-protective”. I am at the prime of my youth and I have come to believe through a best friend’s experience. That it’s not our parents being to strict but my fellow peers and I growing up to quick.

The way my friend Lisa changed my mind completely from believing that “my parents are just trying to ruin my life” to listening because I know they just want the best for me. It was the summer going on to my senior year. I walked into my aunts salon I greeted everybody as usual because most of the people that go there are regulars. Than I came across a girl I didn’t recognize, so I went and introduced my self, every time I said something she looked at me with a blank expression as if everything I said bothered her. So with that I decided to get out of my aunts way and go in the back and watch television while my aunt was doing her hair. Nothing was on so I went back out side and there was Mrs. Ortiz the mom of a really close friend of mine ever since I was in kindergarden till my last year in middle school, her name was Lisa. We lost touch when she moved to the west side because none of our parents would want to drive that far just so we could play. Than I went and sat next to the mom and asked where Lisa was and she asked “you didn’t recognize her” and I replied “No… Why where is she?” she points to the girl that I introduced my self to earlier so I turned back to Lisa’s mom and whispered “that’s not her I know Lisa.” She was skinny and beautiful and my age that girl is more on the heavy side and she looks old and worn out, “I know that’s not Lisa!! Is it?” Then Lisa’s mom got all teary eyed and began telling me the story “it’s because on a Thursday night in June before her junior year she snuck out while I was asleep and she went with some of her guy friends from school. They took her to Juarez and after she had a few to many drinks the guys drugged her. Than all five of the guys raped Lucy one by one and beat her. When they where all done doing whatever they wanted to her they threw her in the middle of the dessert to die. Luckily one of the guys that hangs out with them but didn’t go with them that night knew where she was so he told the police and they brought her back to me she stayed in the hospital for a couple weeks from suffering with severe strong blows to the head and a broken rib…… Ever since that day my baby Lisa hasn’t been the same.”