This I Believe

Vicente - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I feel that music can influence someone’s life, if you take a look at a person, you may tell what type of music they like and listen too. I believe that by listening to one song you like, it can change your day and how you feel.

It does not matter if you like rock, rap, country, hip hop, jazz, techno, etc. it can change your day, for me, If I listen to rap it can change how I feel for the whole day, other people may not feel the same way as how I feel about this category of music, maybe they can hate rap, but that is what gets me through my bad days, if you are like my one of my friends, if he listens to one rock song before one of his football game, it gets him hyped up and ready to play his best.

I was just watching a documentary about two weeks ago about soldiers in Iraq, and they interviewed this soldier, and he said every time that they go out and fight they listen to hard core rock in their headset, and that gives them the energy they need and they do what they do best.

If you notice when you are in the car with someone, and a sad song comes out, and they tell you, “oh, this song makes me sad”, well if a song can get a person sad, why can’t a song get you happy? If you listen to a song that you know it gets you happy and you listen to it in the morning, that may get you happy, and when you are happy you say hi to people more friendly and they will like that and they will get happy with you, and the whole day can go like that. That is what I do, every morning that I go to school, I listen to my favorite song, and it gets me hyped up, the first person I say hi to in a very happy way they will respond in the same way as you said hi to them, and that adds your happiness more, and the whole day may go like that.

I really believe that music haws a lot of power in a persons life, people are the way they are because of what they listen too. This may really help a lot of people as it has helped me.