This I Believe

Joseph - el paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

As I take my first steps to achieving my goal, a rush of adrenalin flows through my veins. As I look around, I notice the crowed has gone into an aggressive state. All eyes now fixed on me. I close my eyes and take one last breath as I take my final steps to a place where time fells as if it stands still. A familiar felling comes back to me. I start to think about my past. How everyone doubted me, everyone saying you can’t do it, that I should just give up. But, none of that matter to me for I am on a mission.

When I was about ten years old my dad took me to this awards banquet. At this banquet there was this speaker that spoke about why we should fight for our goals. That we can’t go through life waiting for something to happen. He said that “If there is something in our lives that we want, we should not hesitate to get it. That life should be about taking risks, you’ll never know until you do it”. My life had been forever changed just by listening to what he had to say. Not one day has passed that I haven’t thought of this.

About this time I was having a many problems with a sport I was playing, baseball. I have gone through many problems throughout my whole baseball career. From arm injuries to my leg getting infected cause of a slide I made or to having a pulled hamstring. But none could be compared to the humiliation that I went through. I am a 3 time All-Star player. But this year I am a senior playing third string varsity with a freshman starting over me. I ask myself why? Am I not good enough? I could not explain how embarrassed I was and I didn’t want to quit because that’s not how I live my life. I soon had to make the biggest decision of my life. I had no choice but to move on and give up my dream of becoming a high school all-star. However, it did not change who I was. I was still happy. For happiness is not an external thing, it happens with in me. Life is always changing and sometimes we do not know why. But things happen for a reason, the way I see it. My life did not completely revolve around this sport. I moved on in life.

I soon snap out of my daze, opening my eyes I realize only seconds have passed since I took my deep breath. I now bend over and touch the ground, waiting for the gun to fire. Then before I know it I’m off like a race horse out of the box. I now have found that feeling again. I fought for what I believe in, the felling of never giving up cause I found something better.