This I Believe

Kevin - Saco, Maine
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Ignorance to Danger

The year? Unimportant. Time of day? Unknown. One day though, we will all look upon the ignorance of mankind in sorrow, if given the chance. Comets, asteroids, and meteors rocket through space at terrifying speeds, while on Earth pollution takes hold of the atmosphere, gripping on and taking control of our air supply. What do I believe in? I believe that the human race as a whole will not take action on anything until it is too late to reverse it.

Scientists have proven that if a stray asteroid or comet just a couple miles long were to hit Earth, it would be devastating and might even destroy us all in a fiery blast, though they have only theorized possibilities on how to stop a missile heading towards Earth. Why have they not yet built something that can hover above Earth and take immediate action when a threat is detected? Ignorance. It is ignorance to the fact that the Earth may be in danger or may become in danger in an instant.

We see when our brain decodes images our eyes pick up. If the problems and solutions are in front of our eyes, why do we not see them? Why it is powerful minds are wasted on tasks that of which make us more comfortable, but none the safer? The answer to these questions and many more exist because we as humans are an ignorant race who came into this world, started to experiment, which was good, don’t get me wrong, but about the time of the industrial revolution we went too far. We made such polluting vehicles, and other machinery, so that we as a people started to destroy our little blue planet that we call Earth. So why don’t people build a more efficient engine? Why don’t they build more efficient and cleaner ways to dispose of trash and waste? It’s because those genius minds are being used to put TVs in most of the newer cars and developing a seat that could be slightly more comfortable then the one we currently use. Are we going to wait until the Earth starts to reject us by bringing on storms of massive proportions to reset itself like a game that it just lost, or will it be that we finally realize that we are hurting the Earth so much? We might bring upon our own extinction in that we might finally build more efficient devises?

What do I believe exactly? The thing I most believe is that humans like to act a little too late, we don’t always land on our feet, and that we could fix the problem we have laid on our own plates with just a little effort, but if things continue and no one thinks about what we are doing it might already be too late.