This I Believe

Omar - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Happiness. The one true desire that every human being longs to have. I believe in true happiness. It’s probably the only thing everyone in the world can agree to wanting. It is a feeling that can’t be described in mere words alone. I once had that emotion when I was still a very young boy.

My father was the source of this happiness. Back then my world was just my mother and father. Now my family wasn’t well off and we were even moving around a lot since my father was in the army at the time. All that didn’t matter to me though as long I was with my dad. I always was so proud that I was his son. I would always follow him whenever I could and we would play at the beach with my mom. That feeling of total happiness was great. The world could have ended and it would have been ok since I was truly living happy. When he died, my feeling of being complete the feeling being on top of the world was sadly gone.

Now I didn’t tell you this so you can feel sorry for me. I told you this to explain that I’ve been there, experienced it, and am striving for it. That is what everyone should be doing. It’s the closest to heaven anyone would get to within the living. I believe in true happiness. The one real reason that gives purpose for our existence.