This I Believe

Gregory - EL Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe…………..

I believe that having a positive attitude towards the world will lead to being a better person. I know by experience that being positive will lead to being a kicked back and relaxed person and will make the day less stressful. It is much better to wake up everyday just thinking about good things other than bad. Simply keeping your mind of the bad and revengeful stuff will get you set. If I go trough a bad day I do something unique that makes me happy to stop thinking about that.

I used to wake up every morning in a bad mood taking it out at my sister and my parents. It used to be like this for a long time. I hated school, this town and simply waking up to the same thing over and over again. I would wake every morning up to the same whistle in which my dad melodies. I used to get annoyed at looking at the same scenario on my way to school. Leaving school without any interest and getting picked up by my parentals everyday. And going home to do nothing but eat my grandma’s dishes. I said I needed a really drastic change to get over this entire environment.

I said to myself why should I stand in this box “my room” and do nothing all day. So I started doing things than can apply to my interest. I started reading books, playing video games and listening to music. This kept my mind off many things and kept me positive. As I grew older and older I changed from waking up to my dad to an alarm. I started driving and taking different shortcuts to school. But the best relief to everything was music. It helped me to keep my mind off all the negative stuff.

So then I started thinking positive about everything and changing towards my parents and being nicer to my sister. I would be on my own and keep everything to myself. Up to this day I say to myself “my god is going to be a blast at school” or like if I am going to go to a party ill try to make it fun. Just by keeping my self esteem up it works just so great. When I go trough something terrible like a breakup perhaps I listen to music and try to stay with my friends which keep me up. Other than other people which think about it and isolate from everyone.

My belief of being positive has helped me stay in this town. It has also kept me up and alive. If it wasn’t for thinking this way I don’t know were I would be right now. I hope that one day I can relax and keep this mood and be thankful of thinking this way.