This I Believe

luis - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that real friends would be with you in you life helping you reach you dreams, and stay with you in bad or good times. I believe people have become tighter when express yourself by telling him that he is your best friend and you will be with him forever helping him with family problems and helping him to see beyond the problems and think positive in every bad thing that happens to him.

When I was a kid, I had a friend, his name was peter that had problems with his family, he starting to using drugs, I was trying to talk to him about it but he never want to listen to me because he was afraid to tell me his secret about his problems in his family. I told him that I was his friend and I would never leave him alone in those moments, I told him that I was listen his parents arguing and it wasn’t his fault. I went to talk to his parents about the problems about his son, they told me that they getting divorce and they didn’t have money to pay house and rent, they were in a crisis of money, that’s why peter was so confused about life, he didn’t want live anymore, and that’s why he was getting in drugs destroying his life. I take him to a drug program so they can help him to change the way he thinks about life and help the family with his problems with money. Days past and he was getting better, he got a job and he was getting money, his mom got a job too and both were continue living a good life together. Years past and he went to my house, he told me that I was the only and last friend that was with him when he needs help, and I was with him when he was close to death, he told me that he was very thankful and glad that I was his friend.

Friendship is a very important thing that happen to me because I learn to help my friend and help my friend peter when he had problems with drug and family problems, I think that a real friend has to be with in bad or good things that happen, he has to listen to you and try to solve your problem, and have to part of your family so can help you with everything you need in case of problems. I hope this story makes my readers makes realizes that friendships is a very good weapon against everything bad in this world.