This I Believe

Pedro - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe in the power of influence of music because is a universal language that everybody in the world can understand and expressing yourself by music is something that can make a change in a persons life.

For example I have a friend that is a really good pianist and he plays at his Christian church so one day he went to a music store to check some pianos and he started playing and singing some of the songs he sings at church and the people heard him and all the people that were listening to him they start crying and there was a family listening to him and that family came to talk to him because they feel something new in their lives that they never felt so my friend started talking them about God and they accept and now that family is going to a Christian church, I think that the family was looking for something that they felt that was missing in their hearts and now they are full of the love of God.

The music is a great weapon to express something that you feel or something that you want to people to think about and I have a lot of experiences that I had lived and that my musician friends had told me about their experience of using music as a weapon to bring more people to God. In many of the places that I had played at people like the way I play drums but is not me that is really playing is God that helps me play in a way that people feel the presence of God.

Another experience I had in the past few years is that a couple married and after a year the wife died of a heart attack and the guy was very depressed and he locked him self in a room for six months. One day his father and mother in law went to visit him and they give them a cassette of Christian music and he started listening to the lyrics of the music and he feel like all the problems and all the sadness he had for his wife wipe out instantly because the love he need it he found it in God and now he started and new life with another wife and now he has kids.

If music wouldn’t exist I think that my life was lost, it wouldn’t have the same meaning that has today and doing music with the message of God is something that I would do all my life because he gave me this talent and he wants that I use it for him because that’s why we are here at the world to praise him but a lot of people choose their way to live with out God in their hearts and they need something that fills that hole in their hearts and that’s when the love of God and the power of music comes in to play.